Wednesday, October 16, 2013


     Today, in my speech class we watched a video that contained many students from a few select universities giving speeches. After the fourth or fifth speech a girl began speaking on cryonics. Keeping in mind that this video was made in the late 90's and I am sure they have made some type of improvements in cryonics since this video and her speech I still do not quite understand. For those that do not know what cryonics is it is the process of being frozen shortly after death in the hopes that many decades later when disease no longer exists and science has improved to the point where the frozen will be thawed able to be brought back to life. For me, this causes so much confusion, misunderstanding and even a small amount of anger. As she was speaking she proceeded to say, "Although science is advanced enough to freeze and preserve you, science has not yet found a way to successfully thaw you and revive your major organs."  ...........Yeah, just take a moment and let that sink in. You can be frozen but there is no guarantee that you can be successfully thawed and brought back to life. With that being said, even if they found a way to thaw a frozen individual and bring them back to life what guarantees that that person will not have the characteristics of a zombie in the thought that they will be characterless and just roaming around the earth with no agenda or purpose? Lastly, why would you want to be brought back to life if most of the human race has died off? I don't know about you but I think I can speak for millions on this subject when I say this does not sound intriguing. But, with that being said I would say that maybe freezing and reviving organs alone would be more of a success and beneficial to the human race assuming they can find a way to successfully thaw the organ with the ability to make it function once again.

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